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Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Thomas Couvillon's works have been performed in venues throughout the United States and Canada. Additionally, his music has been broadcast on radio as part of an NPR affiliate concert series.

In Spring 2015, Dr. Couvillon was awarded a grant to do a five-week artistic residency at the Banff Center in Alberta to work on a piece for wind ensemble. The completed work, Mountains, Rivers, Dreams, was performed by the Peabody Conservatory Wind Ensemble in 2017. Dr. Couvillon’s recent commissions include composing works for the Arizona-based 4-2-1 piano duo, Favonian Winds, the Elysian Trombone Consort, the Lexington Chamber Orchestra and Welsh baritone Jeremy Huw Williams.

Dr. Couvillon is currently Professor of Music Theory and Composition at Eastern Kentucky University, where he serves as coordinator of music theory and composition studies. He has previously held teaching positions at Sam Houston State University, Arizona State University, and Tulane University. Dr. Couvillon holds the Ph. D. degree in composition and music theory from Louisiana State University.

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